What Germany Has Taught Me !

When I first got told about REFLECTION I hated it, I crave answers, a right or a wrong way of doing things but even as a scientist I cant be so close-minded. The evidence is only valid until it is disproven right?

Ok so I am already going off on a tangent but basically, guys as you know I went to Germany the past two weeks for an International summer school. I know right, crazy me wanting to do more uni work during the holidays but I am so glad I went. The confidence to apply came out of nowhere, ok not entirely true it came after saying YES to going to a fitness meet up earlier in the year. You may remember meettheukfitfam? meeting all the girls sharing stories gave me the confidence to want to start living again.

So I applied and you can guess what happened next I got in, somehow lol but anyways I made it my mission to make the most of it, talk to people and just give myself permission to enjoy myself. No it didn’t happen right way and there are things I could have done differently but wow I have never laughed so hard.

For me it is the people who made this trip, all the guys and girls from all over the world like South Africa, Colombia, Australia, Korea and of course the UK, we literally got on so well, talked for hours and made so many great memories.

So what did I learn?

Well firstly I learnt that I can have fun, yeah as weird as that sounds I remembered how to have fun and just relax, I don’t know about you guys but for a long time, I lost the ability to relax and not feel guilty. I think we can all be a bit goal driven or just like I don’t know just like we feel we aren’t being productive do you get what I mean?

Maybe its just me but anyway I learnt that there are so many benefits from socializing and relaxing, you can’t be on it all the time and do you really want to go through life not enjoying the journey?

Ok so that’s one thing, but also that I can say YES to experiences and good things will come my way, but also I have the power to make my own decisions and to control how I manage with different situations. Whoa this is about to get deep

The first week I was a little awkward AF in terms of eating and feeling a bit out of control but then after the welcome dinner on Tuesday night after having my first ever Panna cotta but btw is insane that I actually realised. S**t I have noting to be afraid of if I don’t fuel the thoughts then I can control them, you know what they say about don’t scratch and itch? well it kind holds true the less you think about it the abler you can manage it.

I think the biggest thing was when I not got caught because that sounds sneaky but when I was eating my pre-bed meal around others and you guys know how embarrassed I get about that. The first time I felt anxious and thought about it so I started having physical symptoms like feeling hot, shaky etc but by the end of the trip, I realised that there is nothing to be afraid of.

So yeah that’s a big part but for me the ability to socialize and be part of a group, and just do so many activities is insane. I loved Germany the history, the place we visited, the things we learnt as well as all those parties and beer gardens haha.

But seriously I am so motivated to start saying YES to more opportunities and just be alive, I love socializing although I am awkward AF on social media haha in all seriousness guys if you want to do something, go somewhere then just go for it don’t let anything or anyone hold you back. It may be scary initially but it will be so worth it in the end

live for the moment’s guy x


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