5 Days, 5 Ways challenge Good Grains #grainspiration

Who Loves Breakfast FOOD?

I know I sure do and why not indeed, after all breakfast has been said to the most important meal of the day for years. I couldn’t agree more that fueling your body with a good breakfast really does help you throughout the day. I always kick start my day with a nice yoghurt bowl or proats as evident from the Insta.

So what’s all the fuss about breakfast?

Breakfast – it’s in the name breaking the fast giving you energy and nutrients to fuel your day, breakfast increases your alertness giving you energy and a mood boost. That is if you select a good source of carbohydrates and avoid the refined sugar-laden cereals although many companies are reducing the added ingredients and sugars but no quite like Good Grain.

Good Grain is an all natural cereal with 1-3 ingredients depending on which product you go for, but all without any added extra’s (No sugar, No salt) Naturally high in fibre per 100g. Even the cherry flavour is very low in sugars used freeze-dried cherry pieces. They have three different varieties including puffed wheat, multi-grain and multi-grain + cherry all naturally made and high in volume always a bonus.


I saw the #Gainspiration 5 Ways 5 Days, on the back of the pack and thought why not… looks like an exciting way to incorporate these simple plain wholesome cereal puffs into a yummy breakfast bowl or any time of the day as who doesn’t love breakfast food?

1# Peanut Butter Popcorn Proyo



145g Greek yoghurt ( I used Fage 0%)

15g Peanut choc caramel Protein powder ( I used Muscle Mousse)

1tsp xanthan gym

200ml almond milk

Mix yoghurt, protein powder and xanthan gum then slowly add the almond milk whisk until desired consistency, I add more water!


60g Banana coins

7g popcorn (popcorn shed)

5g Goodgrain ( I added more after the photo as you do)

14g coconut peanut butter (I used Meridian)

2# Peanut Butter Marshmallow Crunch Toast


1 slice of bread

10g powdered peanut butter

5g Choc Peanut Caramel Muscle Mousse

10g Walden Farms marshmallow puff

Combine powdered peanut butter and protein powder with 20-30ml water until desired consistency spread on one side of toast add the marshmallow fluff to other side add topping =)


3g chai seeds ( I used Go Nutrition)

8g strawberries

2g Good Grain puffs

(p.s. you can obviously make more than one slice because who only has one slice haha =)

3# Berry Yoghurt Bowl


240g Greek yoghurt

10g Coconut Whey (I used Dystinct Lifestyle)

54g frozen raspberry’s

78g frozen blackberries

20g Good Grain Wheat puffs

PhD Smart Bar Raspberry

8g sweet freedom choc sauce

Mix yoghurt and protein powder add toppings and enjoy =)

4#  Summer Berry Smoothie


120g Frozen berries

200ml almond milk

15g Coconut whey ( I used Dystinct Lifestyle)

3 ice cubes

1tsp xanthan gum

Add all ingredients to a blender ensure and blend until desired consistency then transfer to a bowl and add toppings =)


29g frozen raspberry

8g cocoa nib ( I used Go Nutrition)

20g Good Grain Cherry puffs

13g Coconut pb ( I used Meridian)

1 homemade coconut protein ball

5# Cocoa Coconut Proats 


55g oat

2g cocoa powder

15g coconut whey ( I used Dystinct Lifestyle)

pinch baking powder


Mix dry ingredients together add water, I tend to add quite a bit and microwave for 4 mins with internals to ensure it doesn’t overflow, add toppings =)


3g good grain puffs

30g frozen raspberry

2g coconut flakes

13g coconut peanut butter ( I used Meridian)

If you make any of these Recipes be sure to tag me in @fit_foodie_fan I’d love to see your creation =)


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