Protein Bars: The Bargain Hunt

Protein Bars are so EXPENSIVE!!

One comment you may be thinking? after my latest post, we all know that the protein bar market has exploded this year with SO many tasty, chocolate bars in disguise that it’s hard to keep up RIGHT?

A protein bar: No longer a blend compressed chalky whey powder moulded into a bar but instead a taste sensation offering an experience as handy on the go snack perfect for staying on track in the cinema, between lectures, or just when you get a sweet craving.. but how can I afford them?

This is where you have to get your student bargain hunting heads on: So I thought I’d share some tips for getting a bar that’s not going cost you an arm and a leg

  1. Short-dated – Best before date ( By definition is that the product is BEST before that date it is NOT unsafe after that date)
  2. Special offers – Think Black Friday, clearance, 2 for £35 etc.
  3. Supermarkets and local shops – Superdrug has cheap bars sometimes, supermarkets offers
  4. Bulk buy – buy a box of 12 instead of individual it saves SOO much money
  5. Use Supplement box – this allows you to try new products to find what you like before buying a tub/box
  6. New product releases – some brands do deals for new product releases i.e. Grenade

Some of my top go-to sites include: Posted Protein, Echosupplements, MuscleFood and Gymstop

Some sites don’t do discount and that sucks but if you look around you can find some good deals

What are some of your money-saving hacks??

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