Embracing Social Eating: Tips and Thoughts

We did it, friends!! we eat out at somewhere other than Nando’s, quite a few people myself included struggles with eating out. It’s something out of our control, we are always considering what oil they are using? what’s it going to look like? The serving size? etc but most of all that people are watching you. This part haunts me to this day, the internal thoughts of what are people thinking about me, should I be doing it, I think coming from an eating disorder background these concerns are quite typical. Certainly, I found on holiday my parents relying on my CHOICE of where to eat when it simply wasn’t required anymore and made me feel even more intimidated.

Back to the actual blog in question: We went for PIZZA!! OK we got halfway there we have a pizza salad but still no MACRO’S, no tracking and guess what we enjoyed every second of it!

Did it feel weird being the only one without cheese hell, yeah but

  1. Pick what you feel comfortable with: It’s your meal you need to be able to enjoy it and if you want pizza, have it! If you want something nutrient dense that’s also cool! Don’t feel like there is any pressure to conform or go full-out just because you are eating out


2. Don’t restrict yourself! If you see a dessert that screams out to you then have it! The worst thing you can do is restrict your choices and then feel annoyed at yourself for your decision and one meal really isn’t going to make a difference.

3.Be mindful of your hunger if you are full that’s ok! likewise if you get the whole thing that’s also ok! you don’t have to act differently around others.

20170923_1933454. Where they watching you? Chances are they probably weren’t but when you are used to people staring it can be hard not to feel the eyes of just social interaction and interpret them as they are watching your every move. This will take time, but each time you expose yourself to social situations the easier it will become, plus they maybe have just been interested in what food you got, everyone wants to see tasty food let’s be honest! You looked right? Of course, you did, but that’s normal so don’t feel like its pressure because it 100% NOT!

5. Enjoy it: be present in the moment, enjoy the taste, is it crunchy, crispy? what does it smell like, food is so much more than just nutrition its an experience of multi-sensory components? Don’t allow your mind to distract you from enjoying your time

6. Make memories: macros are macros you can always get back on track but you can’t get back time! So whether you are out with friends, family or a significant other be present in the moment and don’t restrict your choices to ONLY somewhere with macros!

20170704_2024277. Move on: It’s happened, you DO NOT need to eat any less, do any extract cardio, feel guilty the next day it will not help you mentally in the long run. Using these tools will only damage your relationship with food as you are putting emphasis on that untracked meal or that energy dense yummy food as BAD when it’s not the case! It is only a problem if

A. You eat like that every day

B. You focus on the negatives and make that small proportion of your diet BAD

If you are wanting to “track” then there are some great resources at Revive Stronger – Guide to Estimating Macros.

Also if like me you are a little sensitivity to some foods, you may hold water, have indigestion or even bloat which seems to be the latest thing on Instagram but it is true we all bloat. This is NATURAL!!

So yeah we did awesomely and we applied all these steps, hope this helps if you have difficulties eating out. You don’t need to be afraid, and YOU CAN do it!


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