Raw Pumpkin Spiced Mousse

The cold nights are drawing in and with Halloween, literally around the corner and so on all hallow’s eve, I bring you a tasty pumpkin spiced mousse. After spotting these amazing little munchkin pumpkin in Tesco earlier, I simply couldn’t resist getting this one.


I must admit trying to get into the little dude was a challenge in itself….me being me thought oh I’ll just be able to cut into it like a regular carving pumpkin… well you can guess how that ended!

So I decided to give it a little cook in the microwave and we eventually got into a lovely orange seedy centre with that pumpkin aroma filling the room…providing a cute little bowl for our mousse!


Pumpkin puree can be hard to come by (I have literally hunted high and low for just one can of this precious puree) why? well because it goes with pretty much everything ( think pumpkin pie, quest bars, brownies, the lot), it also provides a natural sweetness and getting you in the mood for Halloween!!

So let’s get down to the recipe!!


30g avocado

25g pumpkin

50g Greek yoghurt

50ml Alpro almond milk 

10g cocoa powder

cinnamon to taste

5ml of Jordan’s almond syrup (I would have used pumpkin spiced but I didn’t have any)



If you have trouble getting into the pumpkin like I did, then pop the pumpkin into the microwave for 1:30 sec check regularly, then cut off the top and scrape out the content (be sure to keep the seeds for toasting)

For the mousse – Pop all the ingredients into a blender and combine once smooth place into your little pumpkin bowl and dust with a little cocoa, I added a few marshmallows



Macros (no toppings)





A tasty treat perfect for Halloween, if you give it a try be sure to let me know either on here or over on Instagram @Fit_Foodie_Fan 


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