Supplement BOX: RippedKit Review

How did I come across RippedKit?

Good question…well gosh let me think it must have been 8 months ago maybe even longer haha but I saw RippedKit popping up on my Instagram feed (basically where you find everything out these days) and was intrigued. At the time I stuck to just a few bars because no one wants a bland bar right? But RippedKit provided a perfect solution giving you the chance to try lots of goodies so it was really a no-brainer!

I’ll be honest it was the little quiz they were running at the time that really had me sold, I don’t know if they are doing it anymore but basically, it was a little fitness quiz and if you passed you got a discount code…you can imagine how that went down (fitness nerd over here)

Regardless I would have subscribed as they have so many options it’s hard not to find a box that’s right for you!


  • lite box (7 items)
  • standard box (10 items)
  • custom box (10 items)
  • XL custom (14 items)

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 22.19.18

Personally, I get the custom box…I am a bit fussy and this option really does help tailor the box to your needs from flavours to products it’s all at the click of a button, you can select to bin (their words not mine) what you don’t want to avoid that hit and miss feeling that you get with some boxed and a lot of samples you won’t use.

The custom box really does make it a surprise because you never know what you are going to get… the box itself it very aesthetically presented with red paper and a little card addressed to you.

Giving that personalised touch with a full break down of the products including macros

What about customer service?

Francis and the team are very responsive to emails, and welcome concerns and feedback, I personally didn’t receive a box one month (I swear my postman knicked it, he wants to get ripped!) anyways they were kind enough to replace it which was amazing!

In addition, they run a monthly competition to win a FREE box on Instagram if you post using #RippedKit not bad, and they love to interaction and comment on your posts. Lots of little-added extras along the way include free blog posts right to your mailbox so quite good value really all things considered.

Overall Verdict

Protein bars are high in demand with so many exciting new products on the market, Sup boxes are a great way to try all the latest bar, powders, pre-workout and all things fitness really! RippedKit is slightly higher priced than other boxes however they offer lots of customisation which is really there unique selling point so it makes it easy to adjust the box to suit your goals!  Overall rating 8/10



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