Set Yourself Free: Moving on from an ED

I really wanted to share an idea with you today, that’s the idea of move on… the act of allowing yourself to leave the past behind and change your view of yourself. I wasn’t actually planning on touching on this as I am trying to move forward but I felt that today after a picture popped up on my Facebook memories I’d touch on moving forwards. This process isn’t easy,  I’ve sat here contemplated writing this post so many times, this is the type of post that sits in your drafts for days, weeks, months even.

Like anything in life though, you just have to start, take the plunge as it were… so I have decided to make a short blog series all about moving forwards and cutting old tighs. First, though I want to ask you something?

What would it feel like to have freedom from judgment?

Think about it for a moment or two… maybe write it down, what would it feel like? How would you feel within yourself? What would you do? Etc.

It would be fantastic right, to feel like free from judgment on what you did, what you wore all those little details that are well, ideals after all. No one is perfect, but in a society of trends, fads and social media it can be really easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself to feel like you have to “fit in.” Actually, trying to please everyone in its self is exhausting. I could write a whole post on this topic (if you would be interested, comment below) but for this post maybe I’m getting a little off topic! No surprise there

Freedom, however, can come in many forms, it can be mental clarity, moving forwards, realizing that you are good enough and that with time you will attract the right people. Or anything really!

You have control over your future!

That quote is a little controversial as when you are in the mist of mental distress it can be tough (in fact near impossible) to contemplate being able to regain control over your life but it is possible!.

But you have to be willing to let it go! To move forward and most importantly you have to surround yourself with positive energy to motivate you to make those mindset changes. That is were going to events, connect with others over the internet, and finding YOUR like-minded people is so important.

Today after seeing this image pop up on my timeline I felt ready to do something that I’ve told myself I’d do for a long time…ending another chapter of my journey, my first recovery Instagram account. I am so excited to share my journey with you all, but I am also a little sad to leave my first account behind, as I did meet some fantastic people.  Recovery is a choice it’s something you have to battle for…Although the recovery community wasn’t for me, don’t get me wrong its a great community, of people wanting to support and help each other but it can also be a constant reminder and hard to see people struggling.


Follow your passion

Being into fitness doesn’t mean you have to just post fitness things, if you have known me for a while you will see that food is a huge passion of mine, it’s a massive part of my journey. Also, I guess I feel less judged posting a delicious bowl of food than getting judged for a selfie. It’s actually quite scary as I do worry a lot about what others think of me…which always makes me hesitant to post anything like this but its very close to my heart and still something I struggle with on a daily basis. But more and more I am starting to realise that I could help maybe just one person by sharing and being open about it. You all know that food is my passion as well as fitness so there may be the odd fitness update because I really want to share that part of my journey as well.

Oh and don’t panic I will, of course, be keeping all the foodie posts which I’m sure you won’t complain about right?

If you are struggling right now, you are never alone and You can do this stay strong! there is a link below to B-eat x

f-logoHelpline: 0808 801 0677

2 thoughts on “Set Yourself Free: Moving on from an ED

  1. 5 years since we were going through it together! Only look back to see how far you’ve come… we cant change the past but we can learn from it! We can’t change the future but can have achievable hopes and dreams… all we can really change is this very second, and this very second you should be proud of yourself!!! I’ve yet to ever pluck up the courage to post even one tiny thing about my ED, so be proud of your courage.


    1. It seems so long ago that we were battling together through dark times, but seeing how far we have come is incredible! That’s it’s very hard to let it all go I find, but lots of hopes and dreams still to come now we have chosen life =) Thank you, I just want to help by sharing it with others. You should be very proud of your self as well x


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