A Blogging Adventure: First HBCX Meet

A blogger on the move…It seems like I’m always in London these days and to be honest I am loving the buzz of the big city! Which actually really surprises me being a country kinda gal and I couldn’t replace the tranquillity of walking in open spaces and fields but for a foodie… London is like Heaven.

From fitness to foodie today were hitting Lonon as a blogger to my first HBCXMeet...and yes I am going all alone (today I literally know no one) which was quite scary! But also a great opportunity to meet new bloggers and meet up with a friend which is actually weird saying because we met for the first time today but you know when you just meet someone and get on so well its like you’ve known each other for years!!

Would you be interested in a post about meeting people through Instagram???? Comment below if so =)

Blogging is a huge passion of mine as you can tell, I love sharing experiences with you and going to events like today and being inspired by others has really motivated me… even if I did feel slightly out of my depth. I am not going to lie to you… I felt nervous but hearing others stories and listening to the talks as well as getting involved in a few boomerang selfies haha really just made me feel right at home.

I think the amazing thing is that Health blogging has so many grey areas so even if you do feel well different… it’s not a bad thing because you were born to create and inspire whether that’s baking, fitness or anything really! It was amazing hearing from @rebelrecipes, @themoneyhaven and @hannahrosecluley on their experience of going freelance, amazing stories, advice and just incredible to think where a passion can take you!

Find your passion let it fill you up and make you HAPPY!

And Always remember that even if no one in your immediate circle gets it there will always be a great community that does get it!!



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