Supplement Box: Bodbox Review

It’s been a hot minute since we did a Supbox review…So I thought for the next one I’d mix it up for you by bringing in my first guest Adam from @adamsmacros on Instagram if you are into food his account is definitely worth a follow!

So I welcome Adam;

I love food (which you’ll be able to tell if you’ve seen my feed!) and I love training. Because of those reasons, I subscribed to BodBox.

What is Bodbox?

Bodbox currently has two options for a subscription.

The “monthly” box and the “monthly plus” box

As you might be able to tell the “monthly plus” box is similar to the regular box but with more products!

You’ll find around 10-12 products in the standard box and 15 products in the plus version and they’re reasonably priced at £17.50 and £25 respectively.

How about responsiveness?

The customer service I’ve personally received has been great. They are really easy to contact through Instagram direct messenger and they’ve been really quick to respond every time I’ve needed to contact them.

Also, a nice bonus – they give out a free box to someone who uploads a picture of their box each month. I can personally vouch for this having won the October giveaway so I got my November box for free!

Overall verdict?

I really enjoy the service – it’s reasonably well priced for what you get. As is the case with all sup boxes, you will get the occasional rubbish product but that’s the reason we get these boxes. I want to try every product bar there is! As well as trying some different pre-workouts. If you like switching it up with your protein snacks and supplements, Bodbox is worth a look!! 9/10



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