Crumpet&Coffee Coffee Morning Chocolate – Review

Who need’s a bit of Chocolate after a busy Monday?

Slowly but surely I am expanding my chocolate collection… because you can never have enough chocolate right?

Anyway, When I saw Crumpets & Coffee did chocolate I simply had to jump on board! These bars are the REAL DEAL with a very aesthetic bar with loads of goodies which just had me sold!

Normally I am a pure dark chocolate girl I mean like 90%… but this bar surprised me, it was the perfect bitter-sweet taste sensation. With the sweet brittle honeycomb and a smooth silky dark chocolate. Visually a strong bar with a smooth swirl of butterscotch rippling down the centre of the dark indulgent base. With a decent scattering of honeycomb crystals and a few coffee beans!


Upon opening, you get a pleasant burst of caramel coffee aroma, that first bite….giving a balance of bitterness from the cocoa and sweet from the honeycomb. The texture gives little notes of caramel, honey crystals cleverly combined within a very smooth yet intense chocolate base. There can be a tendency for honeycomb to be overpowering, but it’s not the case here!

Coffee Morning is a delicious treat…. intense dark chocolate with potent coffee beans, indulgent butterscotch & honeycomb pieces… the perfect breakfast chocolate?

This couldn’t be more accurate although the bar doesn’t state the cocoa percentage like the others in the range but, you can tell you can tell from the ingredients (cocoa mass, cocoa butter) that it’s a high-quality chocolate. The intense, bitterness of the beans and cocoa are perfectly balanced, giving a very nice eating experience.

Coffee Morning
Butterscotch, Honeycomb and chocolate perfect combination

Overall this bar was the looked visually pleasing and gave create flavour and taste not overly sweet or bitter but the perfect bitter-sweet combination. we have to mention the melt, which is on point easily melts into oats giving an indulgent breakfast oats with sweet crystals of honeycomb! I am so glad I tried this chocolate, I’ve got two others to review so stay tuned…. 8.5/10


Macros 100g


32.9g f

7.3g p

38.5g c (35.4g s)

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