New Ooola Secrets – Review

The New Ooola Secrets mooses have been catching my eye for a few weeks now, with the likes of Gu and the moose market expanding with muller and nestle… I couldn’t pass up the chance to try a new dessert!

They currently do two flavours Triple Chocolate with Caramel and Chocolate and Raspberry with chocolate chips. The caramel was calling me so let’s start with that flavour!

You get three little pots in a pack… which is always a bonus

The triple layers are quite distinct which is good given the size of this little cute pot at 60g and guess what under 100Kcals the perfect little sweet treat to indulge!


Ooola Secrets is a Swiss company: Emmi said: “Ooola Secrets [is] a product range that stands out from the competition in a number of ways. The main difference is the 60g portion size. With less than 90 calories, the desserts are perfectly in line with the general trend for a healthier, more balanced diet.Chocolate Mousse

I am all for balance when it comes to health and fitness but it should never be restrictive so with these being very macro-friendly you can easily have a little treat whatever your goal!  On opening, you get a subtle caramel aroma with an aesthetic choc drizzle of an M on top of a milky white chocolate layer this layer is the least flavoursome it’s quite plain.

As you dig down into the milk chocolate layer, the taste starts to intensify giving an aero texture and smooth chocolate taste, and then you hit the gooey caramel-like Ooohh!

The caramel’s sweetness is perfectly combined with an intense dark chocolate moose layer, I will say the caramel is a little thin in texture it’s like a runny version of the caramel in dairy milk.

The moose ticks the boxes with texture give a light fluffy moose that crackles as you scoop each bit, a pleasant burst of bubbles on the tongue giving a nice sensory touch.

Overall I would say the balance of flavour is there the soft runny caramel is not overly sweet and kinda works with the moose but I would personally like it a little thicker. These pots are free-from gluten, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colour. The price is a little expensive at £2.39 but you do get three so can’t complain!  7/10

Well, I am certainly looking forward to trying the raspberry chocolate one!




3.6g F

3g P

10.8g C (10.6g S)

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