Supplement Box: SupsBox Review

After the amazing review from adamacros last week on Bodbox you will have to put up with me now… next up we have SupsBox!

If you have not heard of Jack Gadd the owner of SupsBox I recommend looking him up on the old Insta, a very knowledgeable guy, as you know I love protein bars and all things well fitness so why did I go for SupsBox?

What is SupsBox?

SupsBox is a monthly subscription with a difference… you not only get a range of new and exciting products every month ranging from bars, powders to pre-workouts taking out that guessing game which we all hate when deciding on a flavour or brand. You also get a few sneaky discount codes and a free recipe each month.

Currently, there is only one option which gives you 10+ high-quality bars, powders and pre-workouts all £19.99

How about responsiveness?

The customer service I have received has been great, Jack is very responsive to emails and they are easy to get hold of on Instagram.

They also do a free giveaway each month for the chance to win a box totally free not bad all you have to do is post a picture on Insta with #SupsBox, I can also say that they are very proactive on Instagram with noticing people posts and responding to comments


If you are keen to try a range of great quality products from a wide range of brands then I would recommend giving SupsBox a try, the price is very reasonable for the quality of products. Plus with the extra bits just give it that added boost! 9/10




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