Chocolate Truffle Bombs

If you have seen my Instagram lately you will know I have become quite partial to the odd Lindt Truffle…It got me wondering whether I could make a chocolate truffle style sweet treat as a little alternative to all the chocolate over the holidays!

I wanted to keep it super simple…chocolatey, soft and blender free!

So I had a little experiment and came up with this 5 ingredient chocolate truffle bombs!


Ingredients (easily doubled)

 25g Go nutrition Chocolate Whey (Can change for vegan)

15g Sukrin Coconut Flour

10g cocoa powder

70ml water

6g coconut/sprinkles to roll your balls

Chocolate truffle bombs



  1. Weight out all the dry ingredients in a bowl
  2. Add water and mix until well combined
  3. Using a tsp scoop into 6 even balls… roll in your palms yes it will get a little sticky
  4. roll the balls in coconut/ sprinkles or whatever you like…store in the fridge or eat!


Chocolate Protein Truffles


Macros  6 Balls


1.1C (1.6f 0.5s)

1.6 F


Hope you enjoy the recipe and have a Lovely Christmas

Be sure to tag @Fit_Foodie_Fan if you try them out …. check out the other Xmas recipe Gingerbread Tiramisu 

Jenn x


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