How You Can Set Successful New Years Goals!

Are you making a New Year’s Resolution?

If so here are a few things to consider…Is it SUSTAINABLE?

The unfortunate thing about new years resolutions is that everyone either takes extreme measures to achieve a goal such as crash diets or those around them are negative and don’t believe in your goals, so you feel disheartened!

Having a goal is great…it gives you something to work towards, A purpose but making it sustainable is even better. Thinking about a long-term goal or outcome isn’t as exciting but breaking in down into mini goals along the way not only makes it achievable but it gives you that satisfaction to keep you going.

Focus on the PROCESS….what you can do in your daily life, how can you positively impact your life on a daily basis? How do you want to feel on a regular basis?

I would suggest getting out a notepad and answer these questions =)

Happy New Year 2018

It’s time to take a STEP back

First ask yourself,

What did you achieve in the past year? What went well? What did you learn? What could you do better?

Take some time to reflect on all the things you have done in the past 365days; chances are you probably did more than you thought! It is a long time…think about all those goals big and small.

Reflect and Progress

Now you have your list….Ask yourself what do I want to achieve by this time next year?

How do I want to feel? What kind of things to I want to experience?

Although it’s tempting to think of the outcome you want to achieve, think about how you are going to achieve it!

So let’s say your goal is to get “Fitter.”

That’s not specific enough…how are you going to get fitter? How can you break that down into different areas of your life to enable you to reach that goal?

If this is all a bit overwhelming don’t worry, try to break it down into different areas of your life.

Lifestyle/ Fitness/ Health

These are examples of sub-areas, think about each section and write a few goals of each area, what would you like to see change/ improve or even maintain in a particular area of your life.

So let’s stick with the goal of getting “Fitter.”


  • Surround yourself with positive people – uplifting people, who make you feel good!
  • If you are new to the gym/ your activity don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Seek help for what you don’t know and remove toxic opinions and avoid following random people on social media


  • Make a change in routine – planning and cooking meals
  • Maybe you need to be kinder to yourself
  • Say positive affirmation – practise self-care
  • Be confident in yourself – and your ability  it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks life is too short to live someone’s ideal


  • Doing a form of exercise, YOU enjoy 3/4 times per week
  • Walking instead of driving (within reason) – 10k steps/ day ( you can work up to this)
  • Making three nutrient-dense meals – create a menu/ allow time to meal prep
  • Don’t deprive yourself of “treats”

Work/ School

  • Do you need to learn more about nutrition/ Training? Allow yourself time to learn
  • Bring your lunch to work, not only save you money but having healthy food on hand make it so much easier to follow
  • Hydration

This is an example but, I would make 2/3 goals for each section and make a plan of how you will achieve those goals. Now don’t for one minute think I am perfect at doing all these things! No there are many things on my list for this year, and I can go into that in another post as I don’t what this to be too long!


Change takes time, don’t be hard on yourself. Celebrate the small victories and look back on these goals and try to make small changes even if it’s one change a week that’s 52 changes in a year! Imagine what you could accomplish.

A wise person once told me “You Have the Power To Change Your Future.”


You Have The Power To Change Your Future

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