Happy New Year: 2017 Reflection

Happy New Year!

While everyone else is busy making new years resolutions, a little reflection was in order…reminiscing about the past year is never a bad thing. We can learn from the past…it can shape our future and goals moving forward to the new year!

What Have You Achieved This Year?

What I find useful is taking out a notepad and writing down everything you have achieved the past year…good or bad! Remember that tough times bring resistance…the greater the resistance, the stronger you become!

My motto for the past year was “Meet People Make Friends”….for the majority of the population this will be an easy task but for some of us…putting ourselves out there, would be a challenge.  However, like resistance training the more you expose yourself to situations that challenge you the easier it becomes, and the more you thrive on the experience.

I am grateful…to the people I’ve met this year….to the experiences I’ve had the opportunity to be a part off and to have grown both physically and mentally! It all started in February going to the MeettheukFitFam event which little did I known would be the catalyst to change! And the realisation that actually, I CAN socialise!

Trails…and New Beginning

There have been plenty of ups and downs this year…Times when I have felt like giving up….times I wanted to allow the voice to win but I fought harder. A real turning point for me was investing in myself…through joining Revive Stronger!

As weird as it sounds the gym has saved me…I have made a fantastic friend in Pascal and meeting some of the team was just incredible, hearing everyone’s stories and goals is inspiring. I was quite lost when I first joined Revive, but over time I have grown stronger for mentally than physically. I have developed a passion for training and now finally have a better “balance” cringe at that word but its true. I have the freedom to eat out…go on holiday although it wasn’t perfect. Nothing ever is and only over time can I learn and evolve as freedom comes.

I went to Germany studying Economics (which is scary for a Food & Nutrition student)… but walking along the streets of Berlin at 7 am…I had no fear. I felt at peace like anything was possible. A feeling I’d not had since I was a little girl…playing with old friends and having water fights inside the house. Yes INSIDE, safe to say my parents were not quite as amused but it’s been great catching up with old friends and making new friends this year!

Meet People Make Friends

From Meeting all the amazing people at BodyPower….to going to Fitness meetups in November seeing so many like-minded people just makes me smile. Being a part of something so much bigger than a personal goal but a community of people who uplift, connect and are genuinely the kindest people I’ve met. Let’s not forget all the Instagram friends…Yes, much to peoples disbelieve…I have made some fantastic friends via Instagram. Which is also another achievement for me…actually speaking to people online and just being me!

It’s liberating…looking back at all the fantastic adventures, all early morning train trips to London…Joining an online blog community…starting a Uni society. All things that this time last year would have scared me to the point of paralysis!

You Can Do Anything…Just Believe

So the main point of this post is not only to share a few highlights of 2017 but to show you that you don’t have to wait to become something or be afraid that things will never change! Because they can and they will…just believe in yourself and go out and get what you want to achieve!


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Happy New Year

Jenn x


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