Backdrops & How They Help Your Blog Photo’s

Have you ever wondered what makes photo’s pop? Why food magazine just makes everything look so much more appealing than your own creations?

It’s all to do with the right setting…when we make food it is so much more than just for nutrition it’s about the experience… you have to tell a story. That’s where backdrops come into play.

What are backdrops?

A backdrop is essentially a background usually an image or surface structure on which to mount your food, while it sounds straightforward but it really does make a difference! I have tried a lot of different items to create this illusion such as wooden boards, white plate there is something about a textures surface that brings things to life!

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try a backdrop supplied by Backdrops by Lucy, through the UoN BlogSoc. First thing I noticed was the texture and quality of the product it’s very flexible so perfect for taking for manipulating for different angles.

The texture itself was quite varied across the backdrop which gave multiple different textured photographs all with the one backdrop which is quite impressive.


Now even with a backdrop lighting is everything…I did find that with some photo’s the backdrop overpowered the image, mainly when using darker colours on top of this particular pattern…however when adding a white light the food item stood out a lot more.

Photograph Quality

I was actually delighted at the results… although I knew backdrops where good I was pleasantly surprised by how they elevated a straightforward dish into something quite extraordinary indeed. Here are a few examples below including the recipe for Gingerbread Tiramisu 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Overall Verdict

The quality of the backdrop is outstanding, the texture and flexibility allow for a wide range of applications and lots of different photo opportunities. Personally, I would require a heat sensitive backdrop as most of my food photo’s are hot dishes, but for all the photographs I took the quality was excellent. Backdrops are quite expensive this is one of the downsides, but they really do help to tell the story of your food…so I would definitely recommend a backdrop to anyone who is thinking of purchasing one!



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