What Is Healthy?

What is Healthy?

Healthy is very individual dependent, but I often get asked about how can I be “healthy” posting lots of fun foods!

Do you have the right to define my diet based one picture you see on a highlight reel? The issue with IIFYM and the Insta world is that not everything is how it first appears. While it may seem like all we eat is fun foods, cereal and what other people would call junk food!

What you do not see though is the other 5 or 6 meals throughout the day!

I have been there though and had that thought that it was ok to have a diet that mainly focused on these foods and not a lot of much else…that was the extreme case. I certainly wasn’t taking good care of my health then, at the time I was recovering from restrictive eating patterns and began to gorge on all these foods!

I am not going to try and sugar coat it but that stage taught me how not to do things then after a while of clean eating. Yeah, I went clean, but that also taught me that life is better without restriction. Clean eating lead to me feeling guilty about having a snack-a-jack…that’s when I knew I could not carry on this way!

In January 2017, I made a list…of things, I wanted to achieve…foods I wanted to have no fear over and experiences I wanted to live. These included going out for pizza which if you saw I did it on 28th Dec 2017…left it a bit last minute but last year was the year of mental growth and breaking down barriers.

I like to think that looking back I have achieved a lot more than I anticipated on New year’s last year! However, I am going off on a complete tangent as per usual so let’s get back to the topic.

How do you eat so much crap?

Truth is a don’t; I eat a variety of different foods to allow me to progress in the gym, keep my sanity and will enable me to live a healthy lifestyle. I follow Macros, not a meal plan foods should never be put into sections of “good” and “bad” this never ends well. I love food what can I say…I want to try new things and be flexible to eat out/ experience life and no offence to anyone, but clean eating did not do that for me!

That is crucial …it did not work for ME…everyone is different people respond differently to different ways of eating. People have different preferences and enjoy eating different types of foods. No one should be told their way is wrong (unless it is affecting their health).

Find your way…every food is processed to a greater or lesser extent, it just that some are less micronutrient dense than others. Food is not only fuel, but it is also enjoyment, experience and it should compliment your life not rule it!

This blog post makes the first of a new series all about making it a LIFESTYLE!

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