Vegan Superfood Hummus

Happy Veganary…sorry for the lack of recipes lately but I thought I would make A plant-based recipes for you all to enjoy!

Why not add a little boost to your hummus and veggie dips this year with this super simple supercharge dip? Supermarket hummus is great for convenience but often has a few extra ingredients for preservation.

What makes it super….its only hummus?

Vegan hummus

A little goodie I received from the HBCXmeet back in November, One Earth powder combining Acai berry, Baobab, Goji berry, Moringa and Matcha. Providing lots of vitamins and minerals including antioxidants C and E preventing oxidative stress in the cells. Aiding your immune system keep in tip-top condition. We always talk about Macronutrients but Micronutrients are so important for health so adding an extra boost in sneaky ways can really help get those extra veggies in!

I also added Meridian Peanut seed butter for a boost of protein and also because it just mixes it up a bit from Tahini but you can easily swop it =)


180g Chickpeas

8g Meridian peanut butter with pumpkin, sunflower and black sesame seeds

4g One Earth powder (can use any greens powder available)

65ml water


  1. Simply add all the ingredients to a blender/ nutribullet and blend, just a word of warning you may have to give it a few shakes and blends but I would refrain from adding extra water otherwise it goes a bit watery.
  2. Tip into a dip bowl and serve with a range of veggies, crackers or whatever you fancy

Vegan Hummus

Macros (whole recipe)




30.5c (8.9f 1.7s)


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