January Favorites – Foodie Finds

Can you believe it’s the end of January! How time flies, whilst January maybe all about the diet industry and fad there are also some great new food items cropping up on the market. A little snapshot of a few favourites over the past month! Being on the go a lot means lots of portable snacks and a few tasty treats.

Halo Top

The hype is real, I am sure you have seen them all over Instagram and actually quite impressed with the creaminess despite being a low-calorie alternative. Ice cream is a science in itself so good job to Halo top! I was worried that it would be very icy but it has a nice soft scoop and sweet taste, some of the flavours are better than other (sneaky peak I’ll be posting a full review of all flavours very soon)

The flavour range is quite impressive for an introductory range including chocolate, vanilla bean, cinnamon roll, mint chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough & peanut butter!

halo top

Macros are very good for ice cream, price wise at £5 regular price a little bit expensive but the sale price of £2.5 saw a lot of people part-taking in a tube or two!

Mcvities digestive nibbles

Whilst I am a little late to the party digestive nibbles have grown on me this month firstly trying the limited edition white chocolate version (which I believe is still available in Asda). These little bits are so handy for an on the go nibble, a great oat topper and personally, I like to make them into a little trail mix.


They have just introduced a new flavour chocolate hazelnut but I am so excited about… the chocolate the biscuit ratio is just right giving a nice crunchy biscuit core and a indulgent chocolate. The downside though you won’t quite be able to dunk these in your tea!

Barebell Salty Peanut

Barebell a Swedish company which took off at BodyPower last year, bring something different to the market these bars give a nice authentic looking bar with chopped peanuts under a smooth chocolate layer giving a nice bitter/ salty taste. The core is soft and melts in the mouth with a good peanut aroma and darker crispy pieces embedded throughout. Personally, the salty peanut is my favourite with a sweet caramel layer and the perfect balance of sweet and salty with peanuts rippling under a milk chocolate coating at £2.00, not a bad price and very good macros 200kcal, 20p, 8.5f, 15c.

barebell bar

Reese’s Eggs

While Easter on the way and a new “crème egg” on the menu, Reeses as you can probably guess from my feed peanut butter is a huge passion of mine, so it’s no surprise that I had to get my hands on one of these eggs. At 50p very reasonable price, a nice thick outer layer of chocolate, with a peanut core a strong peanut butter aroma, literally like a dollop of peanut butter encased in chocolate. Very indulgent the perfect peanut butter treat.

reeces egg


Perk!er Bar

I know Perk!er bars have been out for ages but personally, I have never tried them… a nice soft chewy bar filled with goodness 100% vegan, nutritious energy bar packed with nuts and seeds and either quinoa or sprouted quinoa and buckwheat. A nice chewy energy filled snack bar perfect for a quick pre-workout. This range includes cranberry & cashew, peanut, goji & cranberry, coconut & chai, cashew, chai & pumpkin and cocoa.

My personal favourite is the coconut & chai and peanut, naturally sweetened with date paste, giving a nice sweet chunky taste

perk!er bar

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