Halo Top Review

It’s Here! Hallo top has finally crossed the Atlantic bring a low calorie, high protein and low sugar alternative to regular ice creams.

Halo top creamery – they certainly got that balance right there is always a risk of losing the characteristic flavour, texture and mouthfeel of low-calorie alternative but Halo Top has that tongue coating, indulgent mouthfeel.

As an introductory range, they offer a wide variety of flavours including Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Sea Salted Caramel, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mint Chip, Cinnamon Roll, Peanut Butter Cup.

Currently stocked at Tesco £5 (£2.50 sale price) and Ocado £5.49

“Save The Bowl – You’re Going To Want The Tub”


Don’t hate me but I am not usually a chocolate ice cream kinda girl but I was, however, pleasantly surprised with the creaminess and rich chocolate flavour. A nice full tube of smooth soft scoop chocolate ice cream, which melted perfectly as you dive into the tube.

I was concerned about it being icy with it being a low-calorie ice cream but this was not the case, a very nice smooth palate clinging ice cream. The texture was smooth and silky like regular ice cream, a sweetness that was just right and a nice Belgium chocolate taste.


chocolate halo top

Sea Salted caramel

On opening, you get a very pleasant caramel aroma with a neutral coloured ice cream, again a full tube tops to Halo top for filling the tubes. This flavour was a little airier than the others but still very soft scoop but it had a little mousse sound on scooping.  The salted caramel was balanced with the sweetness of the caramel streaks although there was not too much streaking the overall flavour was well balanced. The ice cream melts in the mouth and as you dived deeper into the tube there were lots of steaks of caramel throughout.


halo top

Cinnamon Roll

I was excited for this one, personally, I have never tried cinnamon ice cream but after this, I am pleasantly surprised on opening you get a sweet cinnamon aroma, and are met with a beige creamy ice cream. The sweetener gave a slightly unusual taste similar to the quest cinnamon roll bar but the flavour was there.

This one again had a really soft scoop and easy to eat, the ice cream melts in the mouth. The cinnamon dances on the tongue giving a highly pleasant sensory experience, and a bonus there is little chunks of cinnamon roll within the ice cream giving a different flavour and texture.


halo top


Overall these are really nice ice creams however I am yet to try the full range as although they are good, I am not quite willing to spend £5 on an ice cream!

Fingers crossed they will go on offer again soon…and I’ll review the others in the range!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Jenn x

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