February Foodie Favourites

Breyers Cookie Cream

As healthier ice creams go we have been well and truly spoilt with first Oppo then Halo top and now Breyers. Breyers is a high protein low-calorie ice cream available in chocolate, vanilla, cookie and cream and mint chocolate. I have personally taken a bit of a liking to the cookie and cream one, with a milky white base and an abundance of chocolate cookie pieces. Although I will say, it can be hit and miss whether the tube is full or not, which let’s face it no one wants to find a tub like that!

The texture is soft fluffy and light as kinda per usual with a low-calorie ice cream; the base was a subtle not very sweet vanilla quite plain, making the cookie pieces the star of the show. The bits themselves were crispy which is good, giving different textures and had a sweet chocolate taste. This ice cream is gluten free therefore the cookie pieces are more chocolate clusters, and it’s interesting how they managed the but overall a lovely tasting ice-cream.


cookie cream ice cream


It just so happened that I was working the day that DoughNotts came to the monthly Beeston Farmers market so I mean it was meant to be right? Even better when your boss treats everyone to a doughnut, I went for the Malteser Doughnut! Firstly, I love Maltesers the biscuit chocolate combination bring sweet, silky chocolate and a crunchy centre and secondly because it just looked so aesthetic with a little white chocolate drizzle. Let’s not talk about how very careful I carried it home to ensure the doughnut did get smudged!

The doughnut was soft and fluffy in texture with a sweet chocolate glaze, but not so sweet that it’s sickly it was a delicate balance giving a bread dough that airy and light with the smooth indulgent chocolate coating.



Fuel 10 Granola

I usually am just a plain oat kinda girl but I was also curious and curiosity, in my opinion, is never a bad thing, after all, how can you tell what you like and dislike if you don’t give it a try? Being a student though we wait till it is on offer, I enjoyed this granola so much! The little clusters of cocoa oats as well as some golden toasted oats make a very compatible pair, this granola is low in sugar and higher in protein.  Sweetened with juice concentrates and using oligofructose syrup instead of honey to combine the a blend of oats and spelt flakes.

All mixed with tasty dark chocolate curls, a nice sweet indulgent chocolate with a wholesome oaty cluster, nice tasty snack. The clusters provide a crunchy crisp sound as you nibble away at the clusters, very tasty as a snack or on yoghurt.



Crumpet & Coffee American Choas

Now the aesthetics of this chocolate is insane, I am personally a dark chocolate girl, but I have been experimenting recently. Starting with the coffee morning chocolate, and now I have gone all American.

American Choas by Crumpets & Coffee draws you in with a very eye-catching fun filled layer of American treats. A milk chocolate base sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts, fudge pieces, pretzels making a very appealing looking bar. The crunch of the nuts and pretzels provide a perfect balance between the sweet vanilla fudge, as well as a warming chocolate base giving an all-around taste sensation.



ManiLife Creamy Peanut Butter

With it also being national peanut butter lovers day, I had to include my favourite peanut butter of the month! Peanut butter doesn’t last very long in my house which means I get to try lots of new and exciting nut butter’s pretty much all the time. Next on my list was ManiLife creamy peanut butter.

Indulge in texture and let your taste buds revel in thick, creamy peanut butter!

A smooth, creamy golden peanut butter all the way from Argentina, this nut butter is excellent there are no traces of shells giving a beautiful peanut colour, the aroma is well what can I say its heaven. That’s not very professional though so, a toasted nutty smell, the texture is silky smooth very good for drizzle.



Peanut Butter

2 thoughts on “February Foodie Favourites

  1. Still need to try this ice cream!! ManiLife Peanut Butter is just the best, my favourite is the deep roasted!!


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