GoNutrition – Choc Crunch Review

GoNutrition are the next to hit a new tasty lion style chocolate protein bar – over 12 months in the making new protein crunch bar available in chocolate caramel!

“The Pro-Crunch bar is quite possibly the best tasting low carb protein bar anywhere in the UK right now.”

Protein Bar

The protein bar industry has taken a massive leap recently offering an abundance of great tasty high-quality bars so it’s exciting to put this bar to the test! On opening, you get a burst of chocolate aroma with a long chunky bar with a rippled chocolate coating. The chocolate layer is evenly coated with visible crispies underneath giving an aesthetic appearance, very similar to that of “Smart bar” and “CNP profusion”.

On biting into the bar you are met with a soft chewy chocolate brownie base with a sweet-salty caramel layer and the crunchiness from the crispies giving a nice textural experience. The base itself is very similar to there chocolate caramel whey, on its own is a little protein powder taste especially the aftertaste but when its combined with the other layers it not noticeable at all.  The caramel is a rich golden colour with a very nice balance of sweet and salty silky layer of indulgence whilst having less than 2g of sugar is very impressive. The crispy pieces which are nestled between the caramel and chocolate layers give a nice crunch which works well giving a tasty bar to satisfy a sweet carving.

Protein Bar

Overall a very nice bar – with lots of flavour and texture well worth giving it a try! 8/10




25c (1.9s)


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