4 Healthy Sweet toppings!

Macro hacks…what are macro hacks? Essential it’s a little way of making something taste great that has a minimal effect on your overall macros. I know some of you don’t track macros, and that’s cool….do what works for you! You may then look at these little alternatives as a healthier sweet treat.

Chocolate sauce

A super simple macro friendly chocolate sauce, which you can easily adjust the consistency to suit whatever you are making!


15g Cocoa powder

65ml warm water

If you have a sweet tooth, you may want to add some stevia or sweetener of choice as its quite rich!



2.9c (4.1f 0.1s)


chocolate sauce
Protein Frosting

A super quick easy way to make a frosting to layer between pancakes, top cupcakes, rice cakes the possibilities are endless. Also, a great way to get an extra bit of protein and create a macro-friendly sweet treat.

It depends on what kind of thickness you are looking for if you want a very thick frosting I would edge towards 15g grams. Just measure out your yoghurt and gently fold the powder until combined!


100g Greek yoghurt or Soy equivalent

10-15 g Muscle Moose Protein powder

Macros (based on 15g powder)


8c (2s)


protein frosting


I have experimented with this one, have you ever found that sometimes on pancakes or cakes you fancy a little runny icing? Yoghurt alone is a little thick for this purpose ( I am by no means saying this tip is the equivalent to icing) That being said to make yoghurt like icing consistency adding a little milk to loosen the texture and you can get creative by adding some flavour drops to make a tasty drizzle.


65g yoghurt

15ml almond/ milk of choice





protein pancakes

Caramel style sauce

Sweet, sticky, gooey caramel style sauce/spread a golden tasty topper that’s super easy to make and is very macro friendly. All you need is three ingredients and a small bowl!

Simply combine the ingredients adding the water slowly until your desired consistency and spread onto whatever takes your fancy.


10g Peanut Flour ( I used GoNutrition)

20g Go Nutrition Gingerbread whey

20ml water



5c (2s )


Caramel Spread


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