Hot Cross Pancakes

Easter is coming….the eggs are slowly taking over every supermarket! So with that, I thought it was about time the fluffy Easter bunny comes up with some recipes for the holidays!

Have you ever decided you don’t like a food before actually trying it?

Personally, I have been guilty of this! Either because it sounds like something I wouldn’t enjoy or it’s an old habit of just sticking to what you know! But you can’t make hot cross pancakes without actually trying a hot cross bun right?

So, I had my very first hot cross bun, and it was surprisingly delicious, and with that, I tried to come up with a pancake hybrid for a yummy hot cross version.


30g Oats

15g GoNutrition Maple Syrup Protein

100ml Egg white

1tsp Cinnamon

1/2tsp baking powder

1/2 sachet Whitworth shot (I used Toffee & Pecan)

hot cross pancakes


Weigh out all the ingredients into a blend minus the shot and blend until you get a thick batter mixture, fold in the Whitworth shot.

Heat a pan with oil of choice then cook each pancake for about 2-3 mins on each side, transfer to a plate and add your desired toppings! I used the remaining Whitworth shot and a cross made with yoghurt.

hot cross pancakes

Macros (recipe only)




27.4c (2.9f 8s)

More yummy pancakes recipes in 5 delicious protein pancake recipes which you can add your own easter theme toppings too!





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