Don’t Be Afraid To Put Yourself Out There!

What’s the story? Why so many different accounts? Are you just indecisive?

All excellent questions, haha definitely loved that indecisive one in the past that was definitely me, even sometimes today I’ve got one of those personalities where I just want to please like everyone! But it’s just not physically possible! Something I am learning every day that not everyone is gonna get you or enjoy what you ramble on about but if its what you are passionate about it doesn’t matter as there are billions of people on this beautiful planet so I’m sure there will be someone as nutty as you who gets it!

That’s the beauty of social media you can literally have any passion in the world, and someone will have that same goal, and you can meet lots of likeminded people who make you feel empowered. The only thing is you have to put yourself out there and risk the potential embarrassment, uneasy conversations and be consistent to actually find others to share your journey with.

They say the first step is documentation… so after so many times of saying yes ill make that account, I’ll put myself out there, eventually, all those excuses were not getting me anywhere.

So today, I stepped outside my comfort zone and said yes to putting myself out there! It’s time to stop being afraid of what everyone else might think! And stop listing all the reasons why it wouldn’t work.

It might not work, but if you don’t try you will never know! Taking that first step to pursue a new goal is scary but once you make that initial step and start to actively put yourself out there you will find its actually not as bad as you thought! But just have to have the confidence to START!



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