Oppo Cheesecake – Review

Good Temptation… has been taken one step further with the Oppo Brothers stepping into the dessert world. They have been busy and present to us two low calorie, indulgent cheesecake in a little ramekin dish.

At present, there are two flavours…Madagascan Vanilla and Sicilian Lemon.

Firstly the Vanilla, well Madagascan vanilla had me sold the intensity of natural vanilla pods all speckles with the black seeds makes a very high-quality taste experience. The vanilla content is quite low at 0.39%. However, this is a very high-quality ingredient, but the ratio of vanilla to biscuit could be why the cinnamon is the predominant flavour! The cheesecake layer is a light creamy colour with a light but creamy texture. This dessert is a quite light, it doesn’t give a dense mouthfeel but instead an airy and very silky feel. The vanilla is not overpowering but gives a subtle flavour, the primary flavour is taken over by the caramelised biscuit base in this flavour which reminds me of Biscoff biscuits.

The base is a golden brown crumbled base which gives an overall delightful dessert, the cheesecake layer in real panna cotta style mouthfeel giving a great low-calorie option to an indulgent cheesecake pot.

Oppo Vanilla Cheesecake

Personally, the lemon flavour stole the show here with a bursting aroma of fresh lemon on opening, this gives a nice refreshing feel perfect after a savoury meal. The colour is a light yellow creamy colour which is very appealing again with a caramel brown biscuit base.

The lemon flavour danced on the taste buds giving both a zing and a refreshing feel, the flavour come through very nicely but not overpowering. With real lemon juice concentrate at 2.2% giving a real burst of lemony freshness!  The cinnamon biscuit crumbles base is an excellent addition and matched the creamy cheesecake layer perfectly. The cinnamon is sweet and subtle as to not distract from the lemon flavour giving a lovely product!

Oppo Lemon Cheesecake

Additionally, you get a cute little ramekin dish which you can reuse! These small cheesecake wonders come to a very irresistible 159Kcals! Would definitely recommend as a sweet alternative to the traditional cheesecake pot.

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