Satay Chicken Pancakes

You heard that right, a little twist on the traditional crispy duck and pancakes with this shredded chicken and peanut satay sauce. It’s filled with aromatic aromas and a nutty crunch.

A traditional satay sauce is made with roasted peanuts freshly ground, so that’s exactly what we did although a store brought natural nut butter is a great alternative.

Recipe – Serves 3

(3 pancakes each)

240G Chicken Breast

9 Chinese pancakes

60g deep roast peanut butter

45ml reduced salt soy sauce

30ml lemon juice

1tsp Szechuan pepper

Water to desired thickness


Boil the chicken in a saucepan until cooked through 8-16mins depending on the thickness of the chicken. Set aside and shred with two folks. Pop the shredded chicken in the oven at 180c to crisp up for 5 mins.

Meanwhile, mix the peanut satay ingredients until a sauce is formed. Prepare some spring onions and red chilli for dressing.

Add the shredded chicken to a cooked pancake, dress with spring onions and drizzle the sauce on top and enjoy.

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