What Are Client Check-ins?

My client check-ins are NOT centred around calories and exercise, because they’re not the things that will stop them in their tracks and block them from moving forward.

What could block them and you, is:

👎🏼Poor food choices caused by lack of planning and preparation

👎🏼Lack of planning and not making time to exercise

👎🏼Emotional eating as an automatic response to stress

👎🏼Poor sleep causing hunger levels to spike

👎🏼Stress derailing motivation

👎🏼Low self-worth leading to self-sabotage

Also there are some things that can effect your progress that aren’t negatvie. These things could include a change in routine, a celebration or a different meal. These things could influnece your weight for that week, however in the long term they are actually really helpful for your mental and emotional well-being.

Anyway let’s get back to how we could solve those problems listed above. Can you see from this how the food and the exercise itself is not the problem?

You see there is so much more than just input vs output, carbs and exercise etc….that’s why we need to go deeper! We need to understand and identify those barrier in advance and as they arrise as they won’t always be there. This way we can create an action plan of how we’re going to smash them down when they arise 🔨

We have practical back-up plans, options, and real conversations that reduce the stress surrounding their barriers, and inspire TRUE transformation inside and out ✨

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