My Story

Hey Guy’s, I’m Jenn a nutritionist and food scientist, with a massive passion for food. I eat all foods without rules or restiction and I want to help you do the same. My goal is to help my clients and readers improve their physical and mental health with eating habits rooted in self care and nourishment vs. deprivation.

My background into nutrition came from suffering from an eating disorder for over a decade, after some lifesaving support from the NHS, I wanted to understand and learn to truly nourish my body.

I quickly realized that food is so much more than fuel, and after a lifetime of diet rules and restrictions there was another way. I realised the purpose of pursuing health is to life a fulfiling life, and if food is feeling stressful, then it’s not actually promoting health. I saw that the key to developing a healthy and nurturing relationship with food, was to let go of labels, remove the mindset of “good” and “bad” foods and making food choices from a place of nourishment and pleasure.

Learning about training and developing the skills to become a personal trainer was the defining moment when I realised that movement is key for you mental and physical health.

The only thing left is my joy for photography, this is a skill I am forever interested and passionate about so it made sense to bring the three together.

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