Satay Chicken Pancakes

You heard that right, a little twist on the traditional crispy duck and pancakes with this shredded chicken and peanut satay sauce. It’s filled with aromatic aromas and a nutty crunch. A traditional satay sauce is made with roasted peanuts freshly ground, so that’s exactly what we did although a store brought natural nut butterContinue reading “Satay Chicken Pancakes”

Oppo Cheesecake – Review

Good Temptationā€¦ has been taken one step further with the Oppo Brothers stepping into the dessert world. They have been busy and present to us two low calorie, indulgent cheesecake in a little ramekin dish. At present, there are two flavoursā€¦Madagascan Vanilla and Sicilian Lemon. Firstly the Vanilla, well Madagascan vanilla had me sold theContinue reading “Oppo Cheesecake – Review”

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