Embracing Social Eating: Tips and Thoughts

We did it, friends!! we eat out at somewhere other than Nando's, quite a few people myself included struggles with eating out. It's something out of our control, we are always considering what oil they are using? what's it going to look like? The serving size? etc but most of all that people are watching [...]

Go Banana’s for Banana Bread

Who love's Banana? I sure do, banana's are a great source of slow release carbohydrates rich in vitamin B-6 as well as providing a good dose of potassium an important electrolyte in regulating the heart and water balance. But beyond the health benefits, banana's are very versatile and are filled with fibre helping keep away [...]

Chocolate Coconut Banana Bread

Stop what you are doing !! Are you someone who throws away overripe bananas? If so then I have the perfect solution ... A chocolatey moist banana bread the perfect tasty way to change something that's a bit slimy and squidgy into something so tasty. Let's talk about Banana's for a second... bananas are a good [...]

5 Days, 5 Ways challenge Good Grains #grainspiration

Who Loves Breakfast FOOD? I know I sure do and why not indeed, after all breakfast has been said to the most important meal of the day for years. I couldn't agree more that fueling your body with a good breakfast really does help you throughout the day. I always kick start my day with [...]

Should you AVOID GLUTEN ?

Should you AVOID GLUTEN ?

The gluten-free tend is NO new craze but it seems that there are forever new diets popping up, new products and people cutting out gluten products in order to live a "HEALTHY" lifestyle. What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein found naturally occurring in cereal grains that give it structure, texture, elasticity and provides a [...]