Turning The Page: Moving Forwards From ED

I won’t try and sound all inspirational because I am not, I am just a girl who decided that she wanted more…she wanted to be free! I wanted to share this moment with you, in the hope that it might help just one person feel that there is hope. No matter how hopeless you mayContinue reading “Turning The Page: Moving Forwards From ED”

What Is Healthy?

What is Healthy? Healthy is very individual dependent, but I often get asked about how can I be “healthy” posting lots of fun foods! Do you have the right to define my diet based one picture you see on a highlight reel? The issue with IIFYM and the Insta world is that not everything isContinue reading “What Is Healthy?”

Backdrops & How They Help Your Blog Photo’s

Have you ever wondered what makes photo’s pop? Why food magazine just makes everything look so much more appealingĀ than your own creations? It’s all to do with the right setting…when we make food it is so much more than just for nutrition it’s about the experience… you have to tell a story. That’s where backdropsContinue reading “Backdrops & How They Help Your Blog Photo’s”

Let’s Start A Conversation

The frightening reality is that more people than ever are suffering from mental health issues, and yet we never fully acknowledge it! It’s still a subject that is brushed over, but why shouldn’t we talk about it the same way we talk about a physical illness? I genuinely believe that only through talking about itContinue reading “Let’s Start A Conversation”

Set Yourself Free: Moving on from an ED

I really wanted to share an idea with you today, that’s the idea of move on… the act of allowing yourself to leave the past behind and change your view of yourself. I wasn’t actually planning on touching on this as I am trying to move forward but I felt that today after a pictureContinue reading “Set Yourself Free: Moving on from an ED”