What Are Client Check-ins?

My client check-ins are NOT centred around calories and exercise, because they’re not the things that will stop them in their tracks and block them from moving forward. What could block them and you, is: Poor food choices caused by lack of planning and preparation Lack of planning and not making time to exercise EmotionalContinue reading “What Are Client Check-ins?”

Satay Chicken Pancakes

You heard that right, a little twist on the traditional crispy duck and pancakes with this shredded chicken and peanut satay sauce. It’s filled with aromatic aromas and a nutty crunch. A traditional satay sauce is made with roasted peanuts freshly ground, so that’s exactly what we did although a store brought natural nut butterContinue reading “Satay Chicken Pancakes”

Disconnected In A World Where Everyone Is Supposed To Have A Purpose

For so much of my life, I have felt disconnected from the world, it’s hard to put it into words. After all, it’s not the “normal” thing to say or feel I guess but there you have it. It’s quite odd to talk about this, then again the world has gotten pretty odd recently soContinue reading “Disconnected In A World Where Everyone Is Supposed To Have A Purpose”