A Blogging Adventure: First HBCX Meet

A blogger on the move...It seems like I'm always in London these days and to be honest I am loving the buzz of the big city! Which actually really surprises me being a country kinda gal and I couldn't replace the tranquillity of walking in open spaces and fields but for a foodie... London is [...]

Meal PREP Madness: The Student Guide

It's that time of the year... With lots of students heading off to uni for the first time (or still in Uni) living either on or off campus with food bills, schedules, washing and experiencing life living alone for the first time. Tesco's was flooded yesterday with students looking at labels, buying FULL trolley's worth [...]

The Real Reason I Started A New Account

The Real reason I started a New Instagram account.... Has anyone heard of "influencers"? Who do you think of when I say "influencers" or "Fitspo"? What comes to mind? Who comes to mind? "The influencer Illusion had me trapped in a mental funk and kept me down from actually feeling good about myself" Now don't get [...]