Nutrition Coaching

Jenn is a BSc Nutrition and Food scientist with a qualification in Level 4 Nutrition, alongside a PT certification. Additionally, I have developed my own awareness of behaviour change and mental health through online course. My role is to help you discover who you truly are and give you the tools to make lasting changes.

Are you ready to feel amazing!

A life well-lived begins with learning to treat your body and with kindness and compassion. Together, let’s rediscover the true meaning of health that is rooted in nourishment, not deprivation.

Nutrition Coaching

During our inital assessment we establish your starting point, the habits and thought processes you currently have in place. It is first important to raise awareness of the unwanted eating patterns and behaviours so we can work together in a holistic way to transform your mindset, habits and lifestyle. Our follow-up sessions will focus on introducing strategies to help you move towards your goals, working through barriers, and revisiting and adjusting your goals to help you and propel you forward. You have 1-1 support with myself every step of the way with weekly check-ins, recipe packs and much more.

Online Coaching & Nutrition Coaching

Online cooaching as well a nutrition coaching incoporates training into the equation, here we develop a training plan and nutrition plan to support your goals. Working both on the body and mind with a tailored plan, support, exercise video feedback, recipe packs and much more.

I first came to meet Jenn via Instagram. Her honest, open, friendly and professional approach really appealed to me.

As did her pervious experience with an eating disorder. I needed to find a coach who would understand my training and also the relationship I have with food. And also someone to be there for me, when it sometimes gets a bit dark with my ED.

Jenn spoke to me in depth and workout out exactly what I wanted from our time together and also what she felt I needed perfect.

My plan was tailor made for me based around my training. And Jenn even understands the need and urge to eat!! Funny that right??

I would recommend Jenn to anyone but especially to females just getting started in their journey and also anyone who perhaps struggles with their own relationship with food.

Ella Richards

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